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All-In-One Link Building Platform

$ 495 /mo Billed annually
  • 3 Users ($8.50 additional)
  • 5 Email Accounts ($14.50 additional)
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Prospecting & Contact Discovery
  • Outreach & Follow-up
  • Link Building Workflow
  • CRM
  • Email Client
  • Automation & Integrations
  • Link Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Custom Onboarding & Team Training
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office icon Enterprise

Custom Plan for Large Businesses

from $ 1350 /mo Billed annually

Designed for large organizations and corporations.
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custom limits & pricing.


Everything in Professional Plus:

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Customized Pitchbox Service Agreement
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Vendor Security Review
  • Terms/Invoicing
  • Dedicated Mailer(s)
  • Multi-Region Sending
  • Data Retention Policy
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Icon crown Professional
office icon Enterprise
menu icon Basics
Workspaces (or Projects) are a way to organize and track your outreach campaigns. For agencies, it’s a way to group clients.
Campaigns contain list of opportunities/contacts you’d like to reach out to, along with your email templates, personalization fields, and outreach schedule.
A contact is a website, person, or email address in Pitchbox’s CRM.
Prospecting Searches
Prospecting Searches help you discover the right prospects. You can customize these searches to target specific audiences. The goal is to generate leads and build lists.
Email Discovery
Automatically discover contact details for bloggers, webmasters, and influencers in seconds.
link prospecting icon Prospecting
Targeted List Builder
Advanced Operator Search
Link Data from Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Majestic
Check out SEO Integrations to see how Pitchbox brings key SEO metrics into your campaigns.
SEO Metrics Filter
Social Data Discovery
Blocklist Management
Auto Deduplication
CSV Campaigns
Recurring Campaigns
Recurring campaigns run on a regular schedule and replenish your campaigns with fresh leads, allowing you to keep your outreach going.
Keyword Suggestion Tool
link building icon Link Building Types
Blogger Outreach
Digital PR
Resources Pages
Guest Posting
Hot off the Press
Broken Backlink
SaaS Link Building
Link Reclamation
Link Removal
filter icon GTD Workflow
Prospect Curation
AI Personalization
Role-Based Workflow
Personalizer/Inspector Approval
Interactive Site Preview
user icon Outreach & Follow Up
Smart Templates™
AI Template Assistant
Unlock the power of generative AI to elevate your template ideation and craft compelling email pitches that command attention and stand out in the inbox.
Email Sequencing
Advanced Scheduling
Holiday Scheduling
Multi-Drip Outreach
Conditional Logic Templates
Use IF/ELSE conditions to customize messages and make them more relevant to the recipient. This allows for more personalized and targeted outreach that can help increase response rates.
Global Templates
Unsubscribe Lists
email CRM icon Email & CRM
SEO Inbox
Manage communications across multiple email accounts, projects, and clients all in one place.
Specialty CRM tailored to the needs of Link Builders, PR, and Outreach Professionals to assist in handling their prospect relationships and outreach activities.
Chasebox™; is designed to keep vital communications front and center. Setting Chase-ups is a great way to be proactive and make sure that you keep on top of or “chase” your leads as needed. Check out this Chasebox Video to learn more.
Unmatched Inbox
Out-of-Office Detection
Pitchbox automatically detects when a recipient is out of the office. The Automation feature will parse the dates from the email and automatically snooze the email until the recipient returns.
auto responder detect icon Auto-Responder Detection
Canned Responses
Schedule Emails
Email Snoozing
seo CRM icon SEO-Centric CRM
Custom & Personalization Data
Task & Reminders
Task Automation
Pipeline Management
outreach icon Email Connectivity
Multi-Persona Management
Hybrid Connections (oAuth + SMTP )
gmail icon Gmail
microsoft icon Microsoft 365
microsoft exchange icon MS Exchange
microsoft exchange icon Sendgrid
mailgun icon Mailgun
mandrill icon Mandrill
outreach icon Deliverability
Domain Reputation Monitoring
IP Blacklist Monitoring
Email Account Monitoring
Honeypot Monitoring
Inbox Placement
Mailer Regions
Choose 1 (US, UK)
Choose 2 (US, UK, DE, AU, FR)
Shared Mailers
Dedicated Mailers
Optional $450/mo
1 Dedicated Included
MX Right™; Checks
15-Day Frequency
7-Day Frequency
Template Spam Testing (MX Risk™)
Spam Risk Tolerance™
Template Readability Scoring
Blocklist Checks
Honeypot Checks
outreach icon Data & Security
Granular Permission Management
Skill-based User Roles
Email Persona Security
Project Level Access
Security Data Retention
90 days
1 year
Audit Logs
Security Audit
Custom Contracts
outreach icon Automation
Advanced Triggers
outreach icon SEO Integrations
ahrefs icon Ahrefs
moz icon Moz
semrush icon Semrush
link research tools icon LinkResearchTools
majestic icon Majestic
advanced integrations icon Advanced Integrations
slack icon Slack
zapier icon Zapier
google data studio icon Looker (Google Data Studio)
webhooks icon Webhooks
api icon API Credits
Integrate Pitchbox into your in-house application or workflow to automate and streamline outreach efforts. Check out all the things you can do with our API.
100K Credits
1mil Credits
reporting icon Reporting
Campaign Performance
Management Insights
White-label Client Reports
Team Performance
Segments & Multivariate Testing
Pipeline History
Custom Data Analytics
Looker (Google Data Studio)
Email Account Analytics
Activity Feed
monitoring icon Link Monitoring
Links Monitored
3K Links
5K Links
Backlink Health
Backlink Change Log
Bi-Lateral Link Checks
technical support icon Support
Dedicated Account Manager
On-going Team Training
Live Chat Support
Phone Support

The people have spoken. Pitchbox continues to lead on G2.

G2 Reviews Pitchbox

Pitchbox for Agencies

  • Organize data for a multi-client environment
  • Leverage persona management
  • Promote team collaboration
  • Connect favorite SEO tools
  • Generate white-label client reports

Pitchbox for In-House Teams

  • Consolidate all link building activities into a single application
  • Utilize integrations for visibility and insights
  • Effectively manage outreach pipeline
  • Boost team collaboration & foster productivity
  • Track user behavior and guarantee data security

Pitchbox is the most insane CRM you could ever want for outreach and link building. Pitchbox is incredible for any outreach communication.

Stewart Dunlop


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about features and pricing

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Yes, we offer a Pilot program which includes not only a complimentary trial, but also expert team training led by our seasoned account managers. Think of it as the ultimate test flight for your outreach team! We will guide you through setting up your clients and campaigns, prospecting, creating effective email templates, and mastering the platform’s best practices.

    Take the first step and schedule a private walkthrough with us today to see if Pitchbox is the right fit for your business. If it is, we’ll be happy to start your Pilot immediastly.

    Schedule a private consultation with one of our specialists to see if our platform is the missing piece to your outreach puzzle.

  • What type of businesses can benefit from using Pitchbox?

    Pitchbox is used by link builders and outreach teams of all sizes. From big brand and publishers to boutique SEO and PR agencies, and even solo affiliate site owners. Pitchbox can help streamline your outreach process, automate tedious tasks, and save you loads of time.

  • Can I import data from another outreach tool?

    Yes, Pitchbox allows you to easily import your contacts from a variety of sources, such as CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, and popular CRM platforms, making it easy to migrate from another system and organize your outreach campaigns.

  • Do you offer any special programs for nonprofits?

    We believe in giving back. Please contact us to learn more about our special program for nonprofits.

  • Is there a limit to how many contacts I can store?

    There is no limit to the number of contacts or link opportunities you can store in your account. Unlimited contacts and opportunities are included on all plans.

Gareth Simpson

SEEKER Digital

Gareth Simpson
Scaled outreach is not manageable through a traditional inbox. With Pitchbox we can easily manage our inbox across many different campaigns and stay organized with our communications.