Connect Pitchbox to
Hundreds of Apps With Zapier

Pitchbox is your go-to platform for email outreach, but we totally understand that there may be other applications in your stack that you use on a day-to-day basis. With Zapier, you can easily connect Pitchbox with your favorite tools, apps, and services.

Pitchbox Zapier integration

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a third-party integration platform that lets you connect Pitchbox to 1,500+ other apps and services.

Connections called Zaps, automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows saving your team time and increasing productivity…and at Pitchbox, we are all about productivity!

How it Works

Zaps can be set up in minutes and require no coding (that’s right, no coding). Each Zap begins with a “Trigger,” an action in a specified app, where your information comes from and which causes one or more “Actions” in other apps (where your data is sent).

Select your Triggers and Actions to automate specific tasks. For example, if you’re working in Pitchbox and you want to notify your content writers in Trello to write a new article, create a Zap so that anytime an opportunity is moved to the Negotiation milestone, a card is created in Trello. It’s that easy!

Pitchbox Zapier integration tools

Getting Started

To make a Zap with Pitchbox, you’ll need to login to Zapier or create a new account.

If it helps, you can think of the two main components (triggers and actions) of Zaps in the following terms:

When this happens..” (trigger)   ????   Do this…” (action)

From your dashboard in Zapier, click on Make a Zap. You’ll then be prompted to choose an App & Event. You can find Pitchbox from the app list by searching for “Pitchbox.”

Select a starting app and a specific Trigger. Then select another app for your Action.

Create Zaps from Pitchbox to other apps or from other apps to Pitchbox and automate your workflows!

zapier getting started

Zapier Inspiration/Examples

Pitchbox logo
google sheets logo

Create Google Sheets rows when new Pitchbox opportunities are won

Preparing reports for clients can be time-consuming. This Zap can help, automatically creating a row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet whenever an opportunity milestone is changed to “Won” in Pitchbox. Now clients can see results in real time, without any additional work!

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sales integration icon

Create Airtable records when new Pitchbox opportunities are won

Communication between teams can cause bottlenecks. This automation helps avoid delays by creating records in Airtable when new opportunity milestones in Pitchbox are changed to “Won.” Now teams are on the same page instantly!

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google sheets logo
Pitchbox logo

Create opportunities in Pitchbox for new/updated rows in Google Sheets

Some teams prefer to review prospects externally before starting outreach, but the transition from approval process to outreach workflow can become a bottleneck. This integration helps by automatically creating a new opportunity in Pitchbox when rows on a specified Google Sheets spreadsheet are added or updated. No need to waste time batching prospects to upload to a campaign manually.

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Trello logo

Create Trello cards for new tasks added to Pitchbox opportunities

It can be hard to manage tasks across teams. This automation creates cards in Trello when new opportunity tasks are created in Pitchbox. Two separate workflows working together seamlessly!

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hubspot logo

Create HubSpot deals when new Pitchbox opportunities are won

Outreach is done, and the opportunity has been won. Some teams prefer to manage their wins with HubSpot. Transferring data between platforms manually leaves room for mistakes. This automation ensures that the essential data needed to nurture existing relationships from newly won Pitchbox opportunities is replicated seamlessly in HubSpot deals

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salesforce icon

Create Salesforce records when new Pitchbox opportunities are won

After winning an opportunity in Pitchbox, some teams choose to manage their successes using Salesforce. However, manually transferring data between different platforms can be error-prone. This integration can help, automatically creating a record in Salesforce when a new opportunity milestone in Pitchbox is changed to “Won,” seamlessly cloning data needed to nurture existing relationships.

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