View Pitchbox Notifications Automatically in Your Slack Channels

Slack is one of the leaders in internal communications and a favorite among SEOs. With Slack, you can keep all of your team’s communications and files in one convenient location. Plus, like Pitchbox, Slack plays well with others.

Pitchbox slack integration
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Instant Insights

Receive mission-critical notifications from your Pitchbox account in your Slack channels.

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Smart Notifications

Assign designated Slack channels based on individual projects, clients or notification types.

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Track in Slack

Know the moment your campaigns finish prospecting and jump into your workflows.

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Manage & Monitor

Monitor your outreach and know when your campaigns begin the outreach process.

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Stay Informed

Automatically receive notifications when you get a response from hot leads.

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Task Management

Get a Slack notification when a teammate assigns you a task, or when you get that Win!

Pitchbox integration slack new opportunity
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Track Milestones

Track Your Wins

Create a designated Slack channel to keep track of your Won opportunities. Let your outreach managers know the moment a link has been built. When combined with Slack’s mobile app, you can see wins happening in real-time even when you’re on the go.

Pitchbox integration slack campaign
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Progress Monitor

Monitor Outreach Progress

Receive notifications when your campaigns start sending outreach. Keep track of your recent campaigns and monitor your outreach progression. Perfect in combination with the pause outreach until feature for planning campaigns ahead of time.

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Lead Management

React to Hot Leads

Know the moment you receive an inbound reply from a hot lead and leave no time for them to cool down. Notifications link directly to your opportunities, so you can jump right to the Opportunity Details page in Pitchbox and follow up with your leads.

Pitchbox integration slack new task
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Assign Tasks

Task Notification

Supercharge your task management by combining Pitchbox tasks with Slack. Receive notifications in Slack when tasks are created and leverage Pitchbox’s internal notification functionality for overdue tasks.