How to Skyrocket a Client’s Traffic from 300K to 10M+ Monthly Visitors

Ever wonder what it really takes to boost a client from 300K to over 10 million monthly visitors through link building?

In this episode of Link Masters podcast, we go behind the scenes with Amit Raj, founder of The Links Guy agency based in Glasgow, Scotland. He reveals the strategic link building campaigns that drove such massive traffic growth for his clients.

You'll hear first-hand how Amit and his team secure those coveted authoritative links from sources like Ivy League universities and government sites. He opens up about their link building processes, favorite tactics, team structure, hiring practices, and more.

Listen to the full episode to learn:

00:00:00 How a Side Hustle Blossomed Into an Agency
00:04:55 Deep Dive into Link Building Tactics
00:06:12 Securing High-Authority Links
00:07:28 How to Acquire Links at Scale
00:08:12 The Crucial Role of Skilled Prospecting
00:09:48 The Essence of a Good Link
00:11:14 Is Link Building Underrated?
00:11:45 The Business of Links: Pricing strategies for link-building services
00:12:31 Tactics to Avoid (or Embrace?) in Link Building
00:14:43 Structuring a High-Performance Link Building Team
00:16:18 Hiring the Right Talent
00:18:44 The Qualities That Make a Great Link Builder
00:21:02 Improving Link Building Processes
00:21:02 Streamlining Link Building with Process and Tools
00:30:27 Amit's Jaw-Dropping Client Results
00:32:25 The Increasing Importance of Quality and Relevance
00:33:45 Future Aspirations

Amit Raj, Founder and MD of TheLinksGuy
The Links Guy Agency