How to Build Links with Cats, Comedy and Creative Genius

Ever gotten an outreach email that was so bizarre and hilarious, you couldn't help but respond?

In this episode of Link Masters, we interviewed the one and only Bibi Raven, aka Bibi The Link Builder. She is known for her unconventional and humorous approach to link building, which helps her consistently drive a 25% response rate and deliver high-authority links to her clients at BibiBuzz.

Bibi shares her wildly creative approaches to link building that involve everything from telling stories across multiple emails to blending cats with trucking using Midjourney AI.

Her philosophy? Combine empathy with humor, and never be afraid to get weird. After all, that's what helps you forge real connections and stand out from the pack of link builders doing the same old tired outreach.

Listen to the full episode to learn:

00:00:00 Episode opener
00:00:50 Introduction
00:01:56 Bibi's Background Story
00:04:10 From Freelancer to Leading an Agency of 30
00:05:01 The One Quality She Looks for in Link Builders
00:06:41 Importance of Relationship Building
00:09:27 Successful Campaign Examples: Storytelling
00:12:27 Using Weird/Bizarre Humor in Campaigns
00:13:27 The Shortcut to an Editor's Heart
00:15:11 Linkable Assets
00:15:50 What Makes a Link Truly Valuable
00:16:53 Avoiding Link Farms and Marketplaces
00:19:50 Where Most Link Builders Go Wrong
00:20:30 Training a Team to Use Humor in Outreach
00:23:57 Wrangling AI for Better Output
00:27:25 Tools of the trade that allowed Bibi's agency to scale
00:32:33 Staying Motivated and Passionate
00:33:32 The Future of Link Building
00:34:18 What's Next for BibiBuzz

Bibi Raven, aka Bibi The Link Builder
BibiBuzz Agency
How to Build Links with Cats, Comedy and Creative Genius (Full Episode on YouTube)