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Case Study

How Pitchbox Helps Visiture Supercharge Link Building

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The Challenge

Optimize Outreach Team Efficiency

Atlanta-based agency Visiture was no stranger to outreach, managing campaigns for more than 60 clients. SEO Director Ryan Tabassi and his team had been executing campaigns manually and it left the team stretched to capacity. Other outreach tools didn’t make sense for what the Visiture team needed- until they found Pitchbox.

We had been doing outreach for a lot of clients but it started getting a little overwhelming…

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Ryan Tabassi Director of SEO at Visiture

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The Solution

Time-saving Workflow And Transparent Reporting

Upon discovering Pitchbox’s process-oriented workflow, Ryan could immediately tell that his team would save a ton of man hours. Prior to using Pitchbox, some team members handled prospecting, those prospects would then be emailed from various client-associated email accounts. Meanwhile, other team members were handling overlapping tasks. As the team took on more work, it became increasingly difficult to scale and track the process.

“We streamlined that entire manual process so now most of it happens within Pitchbox.”

Now, rather than hiring more team members or sacrificing pitch quality, Ryan and his team were able to deliver targeted, personalized outreach for their clients in a fraction of the time. With Pitchbox’s automated workflow, team members could find hundreds of relevant opportunities, craft highly-targeted pitches, and send tens of thousands of emails in a fraction of the time.

“One of the most beautiful things is the automation when you’re sending out pitches.”

reports on paper

Post outreach, Ryan was able to closely track his team’s performance throughout the outreach process, because Pitchbox’s dynamic Management and Team performance reports make his organization’s outreach entirely transparent.

“Management reports and team reporting have made it so I don’t have to go in individually and check up on each member of our team.”

Ryan Tabassi Director of SEO at Visiture


A 600% Increase In Campaigns Launched

Not only are Ryan and his team able to launch more campaigns than ever by scaling their outreach with Pitchbox, but they’re able to do so in a fraction of the time.

“We’re launching 7-10 campaigns a day using Pitchbox. In the past it was a stretch to get 10 out a week.”

With launching more campaigns comes better response rates and more placements for their clients as well.

Pitchbox’s guided, streamlined workflow allows for easy personalization and customization of outreach that had proved invaluable for the Visiture team. Now, rather than individually customizing emails, the team was able to customize campaigns in just a few minutes, and then apply that customization to contacts in bulk.

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Where we used to get
5-10 responses — we’ll get


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Agency Insight

End-to-End Outreach Management With Pitchbox

When asked what his advice to other agencies looking to use Pitchbox was, Ryan responded that once they try it, it’s hard to not fall in love.

We tried it out for just a couple of weeks and immediately fell in love. We knew the time it would save and we knew how much easier it would be to manage the outreach team all under one roof.

Author cs photo
Ryan Tabassi Director of SEO at Visiture

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