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Case Study

How Undrcut Digital Exceeded Expectations by Rebuilding Their Outreach Process Around Pitchbox

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The Challenge

Finding the Right Tool for the Job

Undrcut Digital is a Singapore-based digital marketing agency that is all about delivering results. Combining the latest innovations, strategies, and trends, with a process-oriented approach, they have a reputation of going above and beyond for their clients.

Founder Gabriel Sim has an undeniable affinity for processes. Having worked with a variety of digital channels such as affiliate marketing, SEM, and SEO, he knows how important it is to have clear SOPs (standard operating procedures) and processes in place to produce high quality results.

“Having systems in place is super important to me. It’s crucial for any business to scale. You have to stress test and be prepared to restructure.”

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Gabriel Sim Founder at Undrcut Digital

When Undrcut Digital saw a major increase in demand from their clients for link building, as well as one particularly tall order for links, Gabriel knew that he needed a platform for his email outreach that would compliment his own processes, automate the tedium/grunt work, and be powerful enough to scale as his agency grew and took on more clients and bigger orders.

“It was pretty intense. We had 405 links to deliver across 62 different orders all due yesterday. We really needed to make this work in the shortest period of time.”

Gabriel tested out a few different tools/platforms that he had used for various digital marketing campaigns (including Mailshake and Buzzstream), but ran into roadblocks early on and had difficulty scaling.

We used a competitor’s tool for a couple of months and then it kind of broke…there were issues with the scrapping…even just from a user perspective we were having a lot of problems and their support wasn’t responsive in getting back to us.”

The Solution

Restructuring Around Pitchbox

“I just told my team, ‘Hey it is built like this for a reason,’ and we just restructured things a little bit and then about 10 days later we did an extra 250 links.

Undrcut started using Pitchbox as their go-to platform for link building and achieved early success with 70 links completed within 14 days, but Gabriel was not satisfied with merely matching high expectations, he wanted to exceed them. He took time to step back and review his team’s workflow and quickly realized that by restructuring their processes around Pitchbox, they could maximize efficiency.

Gabriel quickly realized that Pitchbox is structured in a very specific way with its own defined workflow and best practices built right into the platform.

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The tiered, task-based workflow enabled his team to play to their individual skill sets while providing multiple checkpoints to review relevancy, enforce quality control, and ensure data personalization. With SEO metrics integrated right into the UI, they could quickly assess crucial metrics such as Ahrefs Domain Rating and Traffic Data right within the platform for instant insights and quality control. Then using Pitchbox’s automated outreach sequence, they were able to easily send follow-up emails while adhering to best sending practices, boosting response rates while increasing deliverability.

By rebuilding their outreach process around Pitchbox, Undrcut was able to increase productivity and scale their outreach while maintaining high standards for quality.

“Pitchbox is really straightforward; you have prospectors, you have negotiators, you have people to do the sending and communications. And the tool fits those roles…it’s super smooth.”

The Bottom Line

Limitless Scalability

With their link building process managed in Pitchbox, the Undrcut team was able to fulfill all 405 of their outstanding links in just two and a half weeks. This feat acted as a successful stress test for their new process, confirming a rock-solid foundation for the future.

Where prospecting had once been an issue, they now had Pitchbox’s Blogger outreach campaign to quickly generate highly relevant lists of bloggers and publishers across any vertical or niche including Lifestyle, Tech, Business, and Education.

“With Pitchbox we’re lean and efficient. I think the numbers we are putting up you would normally see from a team that is two-three times our size.”

Where other tools had run into trouble with scale, Undrcut was able to not only ramp-up their outreach, but to streamline their workflow and improve efficiency. Utilizing Pitchbox’s shared inbox and internal Task functionality, they were able to easily manage inbound responses for many email accounts and follow up in a timely and efficient manner. Leveraging the ability to create custom segments by audience and link building tactics, they were able to easily segment their data for detailed reporting.

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the Undrcut team was able to fulfill all


of their outstanding links in just two and a half weeks

Agency Insight

Gain A Competitive Edge With Pitchbox

When asked about what his advice would be for other teams that are still developing their outreach process, Gabriel had this to say:

Gabriel also emphasized the importance of integrating all the tools that are in your day-to-day process to further automate your workflow and create a seamless flow of data by utilizing the Pitchbox API and Zapier integrations.

“Either you have a system that you’ve decided on and you find a tool that fits it, or you build your system around the tool which is kind of what we did because I have a few friends who use Pitchbox and everyone kind of hails it as the ‘Hope Diamond’ in link building software.”

undercut author
Gabriel Sim Founder at Undrcut Digital

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