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Case Study

How Pitchbox Helps TypeA Media Save Hundreds Of Billable Hours

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The Challenge

Find An Integrated Outreach
Solution with Powerful Analytics

London-based digital marketing agency TypeA Media needed a way to show clients exactly how much work was going into securing high-quality placements, which left them searching for a tool that would allow them to be more productive with their time and to report on their efforts.

The firm was previously using a combination of a competing tool and a number of spreadsheets, which left it difficult to be transparent with clients about the work they were actually doing, and didn’t give the team the necessary insights to make meaningful changes to their outreach strategy.

“I was looking for something that I could show my clients all the effort that was going to into getting them coverage. Sending the client a list of links and clippings at the end of the months REALLY didn’t communicate how much work our teams were completing.”

Ross Tavendale
Ross Tavendale Partner at TypeA Media

The Solution

Multi-faceted Reports And Highly organized Workflow

It’s [Pitchbox is] quickly becoming the center of our operation.

With Pitchbox, TypeA Media has been able to develop a streamlined process for everything from PR to technical link building. If client assets are used without permission or citation, the firm uses Pitchbox to reach out to webmasters to have an appropriate link added. In managing this process for a diverse client portfolio, Pitchbox’s organization and structured workflow are critical.

TypeA Media has also found Pitchbox to be invaluable for content marketing and SEO purposes. They use the platform for influencer outreach, link building, and ultimately brand awareness for their clients, and they’ve even started using the system for some sales outreach to book meetings with CEO’s and CMO’s.

In addition to organizing their varied outreach, TypeA Media has been able to overcome major outreach issues, most notably follow-ups and email intelligence. Prior to using Pitchbox, the firm spent hours on reporting email intelligence. They now have a competitive edge as they are able to spend client time on delivering results instead of administrative tasks and reporting.

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Pitchbox allowed them to automate the follow up process, and then track response rates at the campaign level, giving essential insight to which campaigns yielded the best results.

On a broader scale, client and agency-wide analytics provide crucial insights into overall campaign, project, and team performance. For TypeA, who have numerous clients, campaigns, and people working in various geographic areas, being able to see what’s working and pinpointing what isn’t is critical for an effective outreach strategy.

These reports coupled with Pitchbox’s security features enabled TypeA to give clients access to their respective Pitchbox projects, allowing for full transparency and giving clients a say in the outreach process.

Lastly, the firm cites excellent onboarding and support as being instrumental to their success, stating that whenever they have a question, whether it be about a feature or about strategy, their Account Manager is readily available and extremely helpful.

“Most PR agencies or SEO agencies just send their clients a list of wins at the end of the month, but that really doesn’t show the hard work that you went through to get those wins, so being able to show the client, these are the things we’ve looked at, here are prospects, right down to the ones we actually won – they really see what they’re buying, they see the value from the money their spending on the process.”

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The Bottom Line

Maximized Output In A Fraction Of the Time

Prior to using Pitchbox, the firm had to build their own workarounds and systems to make up for the lack of features in other platforms. With Pitchbox’s direct integration with some of the industry’s leading SEO tools, identifying high-value opportunities takes mere seconds, and meshes seamlessly into the workflow for maximum productivity.

Ross cites that this workflow is largely responsible for his team’s increased productivity:

“If we’re running thirty-forty campaigns for a client paralleled with multiple stages in it, cognitively remembering that stuff or calendering it and putting it in spreadsheets is a massive pain […], so having the automation sequence is really really helpful.”

With the system guiding team members through a structured process, the team is able to build more links than before, in a fraction of the time. Automation allows the organization to scale their outreach, reaching out to thousands of potential opportunities, but working together in an organized fashion.

Ross Tavendale

I’d estimate the tool saves us


Billable Hours

Agency Insight

Gain A Competitive Edge With Pitchbox

When asked what his advice to other agencies looking to use Pitchbox for similar outreach was, Ross replied:

He also stated that mapping out campaign structure right from the start and making friends with your account manager is important to any Pitchbox outreach project. Since the field is so large and comprehensive, taking advantage of any training resources offered to you ensures that you’ll be able to use the tool to its full potential.

“I’d prefer if no other agencies used Pitchbox so we had the competitive advantage ;-)”

Ross Tavendale
Ross Tavendale Partner at TypeA Media

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