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Case Study

How Seeker Digital Grew Their Agency Using Pitchbox

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The Challenge

Finding an Email Outreach Platform Powerful Enough to Scale With a Rapidly Growing Agency

group of people walking hallwayBristol-based outreach and content agency, Seeker Digital, has a well-earned reputation for expertise in Outreach, SEO, and Digital PR. Specializing in SaaS and ecommerce brands, they have worked with some of the biggest and most popular sites on a global level, combining strategy and creativity to produce high-quality results at scale.

When Director and Founder, Gareth Simpson decided to take on more clients and expand his team, he somewhat expectantly ran into growing pains.

Gareth was faced with the challenge of building out processes and SOPs that could keep up with his young agency’s rapid growth and meet high demands while maintaining quality.

For his email outreach, Gareth tried a manual approach paired with a plethora of SEO tools, CRMs, plug-ins, scrapers, and spreadsheets before looking into an all-in-one platform. Despite trying nearly every outreach tool on the market, he was struggling to find a scalable solution that would fully systematize his team’s outreach and increase productivity.

“I tested nearly all the outreach platforms on the market. When I tried Pitchbox, I realized that it worked so much better and I got so much more done.”

Gareth Simpson
Gareth Simpson Founder at Seeker

The Solution

Using Pitchbox’s Organizational Systems to Maximize Team Efficiency and Achieve Limitless Scalability

Gareth found that Pitchbox provided multiple solutions. Instead of having to use a vast array of tools and platforms, his team could find high-value prospects, discover relevant contacts, send highly personalized outreach, track key metrics and data over time, and generate white label client reports, all in one platform.

By using Pitchbox as the central platform for their outreach, Seeker Digital now had a project management hub that allowed for easy team collaboration. Where their outreach team and content teams had been entirely separate, they were now able to effectively collaborate within Pitchbox, stay on top of their campaigns, and keep their team on the same page.

“We have a custom framework built around Pitchbox. The platform is so logical and coherent that it made perfect sense for us. It’s hard to go wrong with Pitchbox.”


With SEO metrics from the leading data providers in the industry built right into the UI, the Seeker Digital team was able to leverage competitive intelligence data on backlinks, rankings, and content popularity to easily identify high-value opportunities for their clients.

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“The Ahrefs and Majestic integrations that Pitchbox provides will help you tap into massive data sets that you can combine with their outreach capabilities for brilliant campaigns.”

– Gareth Simpson

With Pitchbox’s CRM integrated right into the inbox, Seeker Digital had insights into personalization data, contacts, and SEO metrics right where they needed it most, so they could have real, engaging conversations with their leads and that worked toward establishing lasting mutually beneficial relationships. The Team inbox with integrated SEO Metrics and multiple options to filter by campaign, custom tag, and milestone made sure that even when sending outreach at scale, they were able to follow up with their leads in a timely and efficient manner.

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“Scaled outreach is not manageable through a traditional inbox. With Pitchbox we can easily manage our inbox across many different campaigns and stay organized with our communications.” Gareth Simpson

The Bottom Line

Rock Solid Processes and Effective Project Management to Create a Well-Oiled “Outreach Machine”

After testing nearly every outreach platform on the market, Gareth found that Pitchboxwas the only platform that was truly designed with SEO agencies and teams in mind. By building his processes around Pitchbox, Seeker Digital was able to rise above the challenges and issues that are common with rapid growth.

When Seeker Digital first started their email outreach, they had response rates between 5% and 10%. After making the switch to Pitchbox and utilizing key features such as personalization fields and automated follow-up, response rates skyrocketed to between 40% and 50%.

The usability, logical organization, and Pitchbox’s automation features have enabled the entire Seeker Digital team to work together more efficiently. Now they are completing outreach campaigns in half the time as before.

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Response rates skyrocketed to between 40% and 50%

Agency Insight

Value and ROI

Over time, Seeker Digital has built strong relationships with bloggers and influencers, and created lists of thousands of qualified journalists, editors, and influencers within Pitchbox. What began with cold outreach led to the creation of their own, private, micro-influencer network that they can easily leverage over time with Pitchbox’s Cherry-Pick campaign.

““With every campaign that we run, the value of our Pitchbox account is going up because it accumulates more contacts and websites. It’s growing all the time with new, qualified prospects.”

If you’re really invested in doing outreach, you should give Pitchbox a shot…Within a month it paid for itself many, many times over.”

Gareth Simpson
Gareth Simpson Director & Founder at Seeker