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Case Study

How Moosend Built 1000 links and Even More Relationships With Pitchbox

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The Challenge

Developing a Long-Term Email Outreach Strategy

Moosend is a multi-purpose, email marketing automation platform. With their user-friendly interface, pre-built templates, and user tracking, any team can send personalized marketing emails, build beautiful landing pages, craft targeted subscription forms, and build high-performing automation workflows.

As the Head of Growth for Moosend, Nick Dimitriou is tasked with leading all of Moosend’s acquisition channels, including organic search. To continuously improve Moosend’s backlink profile and increase organic traffic, Nick relies on relationships that he builds through targeted email outreach.

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In the early stages of his outreach, Nick ran into issues managing outreach and communications at scale. It was challenging to consistently discover relevant leads while maintaining thousands of conversations, and trying to organize everything in spreadsheets.

“Before Pitchbox I was building 5 links per month. I can’t handle a thousand people simultaneously by myself, it’s not realistic.”

Nick Dimitriou Head of Growth at Moosend

The Solution

SEO-Centric CRM with Targeted Prospecting, Smart Templates, and Advanced Integrations

After implementing Pitchbox for their email outreach, Moosend was able to keep their entire process in a single platform and stay organized when building and maintaining relationships.

With prospecting in the form of a real-time search, Nick and his team have a constant stream of relevant leads for their outreach. By running targeted Blogger Outreach campaigns with theme-based keywords, there are limitless opportunities to discover, ensuring that they can maintain their strategies long term.

To easily create targeted, personalized emails, Moosend utilizes Pitchbox’s personalization fields and conditional logic. This creates dynamic templates that adapt based on set criteria/conditions. Having unique personalization elements in their outreach emails has massively increased their overall response rates, leading to more conversations and more conversions.

“I’m a big fan of Pitchbox’s conditional logic. If we send an email on Monday, we like to say, ‘Nice to meet you this lovely Monday.’ It’s very straightforward to set up.”

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Instead of relying on spreadsheets or a separate CRM, Nick keeps track of and maintains all communications, notes, and tasks in Pitchbox. By using Pitchbox’s CRM, Moosend has built their own private influencer database that they can easily reference and leverage. This has enabled them to create lasting relationships with endless value over time.

“Pitchbox provides us the whole organizational structure to be able to open doors that will eventually lead to not only just one link, but countless links.”

With an SEO-centric interface in Pitchbox, Nick and his team have useful insights such as Ahrefs Domain, Traffic, and Keyword metrics throughout their workflow. Having these insights enables Moosend to easily filter out low-quality leads and gradually increase the quality of the sites they are targeting, increasing from an average of 50 DR to 70 DR over their first two years with Pitchbox.

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The Result

Genuine Relationships and Strong Partnerships

By having real conversations that lead to lasting relationships, Nick and his team are in turn able to build links, acquire brand mentions, increase social shares, and develop friendships.

“I have some surprisingly strong friendships that started through Pitchbox.”

By maintaining a long term outreach strategy, Moosend is able to focus on building relationships, which has proven to be endlessly valuable for them. Moosend currently averages about 100 links per month between email outreach and leveraging their relationships.

Added Benefit

Moosend was also able to grow their affiliate program by managing publisher outreach in Pitchbox. For this approach they import targeted lists and rely on Pitchbox’s contact discovery and outreach sequencing to connect with and recruit new affiliate partners.

The Bottomline

Efficient Workflow to Maximize Results

With his experience working for Moosend, an advanced marketing and email automation platform, Nick has a clear understanding of what constitutes an effective email campaign and a strong respect for efficient processes and workflows. This is why he and his team chose Pitchbox for their email outreach over competing tools.

Pitchbox is the way to go if you want everything organized in one place. Everything runs smoothly and we’ve seen some crazy results. I don’t think there is another tool like it.”

Nick Dimitriou Pitchbox
Nick Dimitriou Head of Growth at Moosend

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