Case Study

How Fire&Spark™ Reduced a 40% Bounce Rate to Under 3% With Pitchbox

The Challenge

Streamlined Outreach, Solved Deliverability Issues

Fire&Spark, a digital marketing agency, focuses on SEO that builds authority. By securing high-end PR placements and backlinks for their clients, the Fire&Spark team grows their clients’ reputation and rankings while establishing them as authority figures in their fields.

Besides the high bounce rates, Fire&Spark was seeing low response rates, hovering around 6%.

Jack Kolis

Account Manager

“Bounces were a BIG problem for us. We had bounce rates as high as 40% percent.”


At the time, the Fire&Spark team was using a competing outreach tool, but also relied on ScrapeBox for prospecting, Hunter for contacts, and the aid of outside contractors to help put it all together.

In an attempt to mitigate the high bounce rates they were experiencing in the other tool, they would manually send out emails one by one, a time consuming process that greatly limited their ability to scale.

“We were spending money on so many different softwares. A lot of unnecessary time was spent to get almost no responses. It was just a very disheartening process.”

Lili Erickson SEO Account Manager

The Solution

A Sending Infrastructure Built Around Email Deliverability

“After switching to Pitchbox, response rates went up from 6% to 26% on average, and with some clients as high as 47%.”

Jack Kolis Account Manager

Pitchbox’s automated sequences enabled personalized, scalable outreach.
With their emails successfully sending and reaching the recipient’s inboxes, Fire&Spark was able to get more responses and build more links.

The Bottom line

More Links Less Pain

Fire&Spark saw their outreach process and its results go through a complete transformation. Where the idea of new link building projects once elicited collective groans from their team, they are now confident in their abilities.

Pitchbox has helped them tackle the bounce rate issue, improve response rates, and build more links for their clients than ever before.

“As we’ve been able to expand our goals and get more links for our clients, we’ve seen them expand their budgets because they’re happy with our link building.”
Lili Erickson

SEO Account Manader

Agency Insight

Pitchbox is a Complete Life Cycle Platform For Link Building

Link building can be tedious and time consuming, but with the right toolset that focuses on email deliverability, you can streamline your outreach process and set yourself up for the highest chances of success.

When asked about final thoughts on Pitchbox, Jack had this to say:

“I could easily talk about Pitchbox for like 3 hours about how much it’s helped us. From start to finish Pitchbox combines everything…all the way from gathering contacts to sending emails and tracking success. We can do it all within Pitchbox, which is fantastic.”

Jack Kolis Account Manager

About Fire&Spark

Fire&Spark is a Boston-based SEO and content marketing agency focused on delivering custom SEO campaigns using an evidence-based approach. Recognizing the challenges posed by AI search algorithms and competitive markets, they prioritize effective, up-to-date strategies over outdated tactics. Their mission is to offer efficient, standout SEO solutions that outperform the competition, ensuring their clients achieve the best possible online presence.